About The Willeyville

What is the Willeyville?

A restaurant and bar that focuses on seasonal American comfort food with a twist….making as much on premise as we can.


What is American comfort food?

America is a melting pot so we draw upon what the heck we would want to eat at the time, while keeping in mind that our food should be familiar in either look or taste. Nobody likes a food snob nor would you want your chef to be one either. We have fun pushing the envelope and hope that our guest’s appreciate our drive, but our first goal is to make sure we are hospitable. Don’t get me wrong we do have some foodie words on our menu but chances are I had to look up the spelling and I know I mispronounced the words.

Does The Willeyville cater?

We do have a catering menu which can be viewed. It is tailored more for business breakfasts and lunches. If you don’t see anything that you are looking for we will tailor a menu more suited for your unique preferences and tastes, offsite or at the restaurant. For more information contact Krista Di Lisi

What Else Can You Do?

We have a full scale scratch baking program that is focused on old world baking methods which we can tailor to your needs both wholesale and retail. We also offer a number of our handcrafted consumables for sale at the restaurant or online.

Any Private Dining?

We have and can offer the whole restaurant for your private function. Contact Krista Dilisi for details.

Why do you make your own ketchup?

We make way more than just our own ketchup, but to answer that specifically, why not? Cooking is fun for us and opening up a can of ketchup kind of sucks. Our ketchup like a bunch of our other stuff is very familiar with a small hint of something different. We also make hot sauce, yeast, bread, tofu, miso, vinegar, grind our own flour, tortillas, cheese, salumi, etc.

So your kitchen may do all this but your bar suffers right?

We take the same approach to our bar program. We make bitters, limoncello, tonic, vermouth, and ginger beer. I have a soft spot for our Moscow Mule which I hear is at the very least tied for best in the world, the Kremlin’s is supposed to be gangbusters.

So what is the deal with the Willey Wieners?

Hot dogs are delicious ours are just a whole lot more delicious, 100% all pork supplied from Miller Livestock Kinsman, OH. We grind, case, twist, and smoke the weiner’s twice a week along with our steamed brioche buns. We are quite proud of our wieners….you need to have one in your mouth soon and often. They are available at lunch and at the bar all day and night.


So what is up with the name, The Willeyville?

It is an homage to John Willey who was the first major of Cleveland in the 1830’s. For a 20 yr span this area, or close to this area, was referred as Willeyville, pronounced Why-lee-ville….do we know it is pronounced like that, well no…but the other way sounds like a strip club!

Interested in working at The Willeyville?